Concept Creation

Will advise you on and/or create your seasonal design concepts, presenting you with mood boards, fabric sheets, and color palettes. I will brainstorm with your team and then present you with a concept deck. I will use trend-right categories from graphics to silhouettes.



Will sketch an entire collection based on your brand’s concept and your ideas. This includes front and back silhouettes in black & white and in color if needed. Communication and frequent updates will ensure that your vision is achieved.

  • knitwear
  • swimwear
  • menswear/womenswear
  • accessories

Tech Files & Line Sheets

I will sketch and create detailed, digital production-ready technical packages. These include fabric, trim, and color specifications. 

Line sheet with sketches and style specifications will be created for use in the selling process. This service includes any updates to the collection based on customer response.




Research and help to find fabric agents and factories for production in Europe.

Finished Tech Files will be fully passed off to the manufacturer, and further communication/ questions/ follow-up will ensure high quality samples.


Textile Prints







I want to hear about your apparel line!

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